When The Put A Sign In Front Of Your House

This is what happens when you are a creative person and someone put a road sign in front of their house.


Keep up the good work.  Making America Beautiful…one sign at a time!

Who Doesn’t Love The Co-Op?

We went to our local food co-op for some tasty treats and they had this sign in the door…

20140323_135627 (300x400)

I love it!  Discrimination sucks y’all!

Never Mess with Stir!

The sign says “Warning all Person’s entering this pier at own risk”.  This is why you never mess with Nuns…they are BADASS!  You know…’cause God is on their side 😉

p.s.  I actually know these nuns so I in fact know about their badassness!

Don’t Slip On The Bacon?

IMG_8173 (400x300)

I read it as Caution, Caution, Dancing Fellow, Tasty Bacon on a plate.  I was informed it actually reads slippery area.  Okay if you say so but I still see Bacon in that sign.  Yum…Bacon!